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Since our show began, we have had many guests who shared their knowledge and information on alternative/complementary, natural, and organic ways of staying healthy. Here are some of them:

- “The Story of Natural Nutmeg Magazine – Celebrating 10 Years” Dr. Diane Hayden, owner and publisher of Natural Nutmeg Magazine shares the story of how this health/wellness focused publication started in 2007, and how it grew to where it is now being offered as a licensed publication throughout the country. She also talks about her background in physiology and nutrition, her many writing creations including several books.

How can you learn to handle stress and pain, changing your relationship with yourself? Dr. Bridget Cooper joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton to share how she helps individuals, teams and organizations become better people in order to work together, improve their lives and become empowered in relationships. She also shares her own story of pain and survival, going from being abused as a child to thriving as an author, consultant and coach.

 “What is “raw food” and why would you want to eat it?” “Raw foods for vibrant living” Joanne “Raw Jo” Riai is a certified raw food chef, teacher and coach. She teaches, helps and inspires busy, on the go, health conscious people how to incorporate raw, fresh plant-based food into their everyday lives, making healthy food choices without feeling overwhelmed, and spending less time preparing their meals. And with nutrient dense plant foods, you will feel healthier and be healthier!

- “Did you know that you could make simple changes that would make a huge impact on your health?” Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Dawn Swope joins host Marilyn Wright  Dayton to share her story of how discovering the importance of “food as medicine” helped her during chemo treatments for breast cancer and led her to become a Health Coach to help others become healthier.

“Discover your Soul's desired destiny with Robin Clare.” Where do you start to heal old wounds? How can we find the light from the shadows? Robin Clare is our guest, talking about the infinite wisdom of your Soul, and how it can change your life. Robin is a Spiritual Messenger, an Author and Teacher. She talks about how you define your past, present and future.

“How We Can Find Balance in Our Lives” Are you stressed out? Want more energy? Need balance in your life? Debbie Sodergren, owner of Up Vibrations, is an Energy Body Vibration Expert, who helps people go from being stuck and frustrated to having clarity and empowerment to live happily and have a purpose.

“Women – Create the Life YOU Want” Writer/Life Coach Karen C.L. Anderson joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton to talk about her latest book, "The Peaceful Daughter's Guide to Separating From a Difficult Mother". She is dedicated to the concept that the truth never creates suffering, and all stories can be told through the lens of truth. Karen helps women create a life they love, based on their preferences, needs and desires, not the preferences, needs and desires (or "shoulds") of their mothers. This book is an interactive workbook that can help anyone in a relationship, even with themselves.

-"How You Can Embrace Vibrant Health, Inside and Out” Janet Verney of Roots 2 Wellness and Kathleen Mitchell from Nourish Your Needs, talk with host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo about how they both experienced miracles in their health through proper nutrition and using various tools to get well and stay well. They have started a new business, foodGEVITY, which is a fun-cational online program that is igniting a Women’s Health Revolution across the globe. Get healthy and be fabulous…listen to their ideas and suggestions.

“Find out how to find your greatness after 50 and older.” Leading GeroFuturist, Author and Thought Leader Karen Sands talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton about how we age, and what we bring to this aging as we are healthier, more educated, more out in the world. Hear about finding your opportunity to evolve and find out who you are becoming as you age and become a visionary with wrinkles. Rock your age!

-“How does acupuncture and Chinese medicine techniques help you deal with pain and disorders?”  Carlos Sepulveda, of Healing Health Acupuncture, utilizes acupuncture and other supportive traditional methods such as tuina, patent Chinese herbs and moxibustion to address a large variety of patient issues and disorders. He shares about how Chinese philosophy leads to treatment of the entire body, emotionally and physically.

-How do you handle disrespectful behavior from children? Susan Epstein, LCSW, National Parenting Expert, talks about parenting tips for issues such as working from home, parental control over disrespectful behavior and the negative effects of "Cultural Autism" due to today's technology.

-How can acupuncture help pain & fertility? Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with Dr. Megan Marco. Megan Marco, Doctor of Acupuncture and owner of the Stonington Natural Health Center in CT, talks about the different techniques of acupuncture and how it can provide pain and anxiety relief as well as help with fertility issues. Also, health transformation can be achieved with the addition of Chinese Herbal Formulas.

-How are some ways I can find emotional healing? Emotional Freedom At Last with Catherine Ewing. Catherine Ewing is a Transformational Coach and Consultant, and founder of Emotional Freedom At Last, who draws on her training and experience as Psychotherapist, Energy Healing Practitioner, and Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking as well as other practitioner experience, to help people experience deep emotional healing, spiritual awakening and profound personal transformation.

-How can I find balance and happiness in my life? The Happiness Prism™ with Leadership Coach & Intuitive Jan Hoath, on how to transform your life, finding balance with Peace, Play and Progress to Lead Your Best Life in Harmony, Happiness and Abundance.

- How can hypnosis & meditation help my health? Evolution & Change with Wellness Skills. Jane Percy, Founder/Director of Riverlight Wellness Center, talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton about Wellness Skills such as Hypnosis and Meditation as preventive measures in health.

Why is laughing good for healing? Eileen Kaplan is a Speaker, Author and Women's Advocate, as well as a breast cancer thriver, who brings her message of healing and hope. Her humor and inspiring speeches help many learn about the importance of knowing your body and taking control over medical diagnosis and treatment..."You are the boss of your own body." The importance of laughter can affect your healing, her book "Laughter Is The Breast Medicine" is a good example. She and host Marilyn Dayton talk about Eileen’s journey and how she helps others.

- What is Ayurveda and how does it heal? Jessica Ferrol is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Herbalist, Pancha Karma Specialist and Registered Yoga Therapist. She talks about Ayurveda, Vedic knowledge, and the Auyrvedic Constitution of Each of Us Being Different.

- Can Hypnosis help me take back control? Guest Fern Tausig, Certified Hypnotist and Hypno-Coach, talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton about how hypnotic methods have helped many people take back control over the lives through dealing with challenges by finding out the actual cause through hypnosis.

- How important is a positive attitude during illness? Guest Sandi Gold, Artist/Author/Cancer Survivor on "The Art of Living" joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton. Sandi Gold starts her book with "My Story Starts When I'm Told My Life is Over." But it wasn't. She has survived a brain tumor and breast cancer, has continued to paint even through body pain and limitations from treatments, and lives life to the fullest. Learn why she has such a positive attitude, and how she fought cancer with both Western and holistic medical remedies.

-How can Massage techniques help my body?  Guests Holly Potter & Ann-Kristin Hillgren of Everything Zen Health & Wellness, about different types of massage, focusing on Oncology Massage and Lymphatic Drainage in the first half, and on Feldenkrais Method of Bodywork and Reflexology in the second half.

- How important is what I eat in staying healthy? Guest Christina McKenna, Clinical Nutritionist talks about the meaning behind "You are what you eat", and the importance of attitude and movement in staying healthy.

-Can Acupuncture relieve pain?  Guest Kathleen T. Poole, M.S., L.Ac., from Mystic River Acupuncture talks about acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and "How they can help relieve pain and treat various conditions."

-How has physical therapy changed and why? Guest Ron Agostini, P.T. discusses "How the Traditional Physical Therapy Model Has Changed, Where Many Now Practice Such Modalities as Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Metaphysics Such as Ontology, Muscle Testing, Etc."

-Is thermography a good alternative testing method? Guest Dr. Jamie Lee discusses “The Power of Thermography as a Testing Procedure” and “Our Environment, and How It Affects Us”

-Who Really Controls Our Bodies, the Disease, Physicians, Insurance Industry, or Us? Host is Marilyn Wright Dayton. Guests are Dawn Swope, Pamela Watt in first half, Kimberly & Derick Brito in second half on “Taking Control – Break Through the Old Acceptance Attitudes, Learn Your Options to Save Your Life and Change Your Future” :

​-“How do you start over after traumatic experiences and loss?” On the TV show Sacred Intelligence, host Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery talks with Marilyn Wright Dayton (of From This Corner TV) about her experiences of ‘starting over’ following a physically abusive relationship.

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