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We can all learn from one another. On our program, we have had the privilege of meeting and learning from many who share their suggestions and ideas on how to achieve your business goals, from mindset to marketing tips and transformation skills.

“The Story of Natural Nutmeg Magazine – Celebrating 10 Years” Dr. Diane Hayden, owner and publisher of Natural Nutmeg Magazine shares the story of how this health/wellness focused publication started in 2007, and how it grew to where it is now being offered as a licensed publication throughout the country. She also talks about her background in physiology and nutrition, her many writing creations including several books.  https://youtu.be/f-o0-Uix6yA

​- “Beauty for the Busy Makeup” Did you know that there is makeup designed with both health-conscious and convenience for busy gals on the go, that makes women's lives easier? Gail Sagel, CEO of Faces Beautiful, created two signature products that keep you looking gorgeous all day long, that are convenient and make our lives simpler. She talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo and demonstrates how they are used.     https://youtu.be/DByAOFUZ7Mo

​- “What is the Missing Piece in Your Life?” Do you want to enjoy your success in business while you make more money? Women's Wealth Revolution founder Linda Albright talks about how she helps women entrepreneurs discover their "human design" to complete the package of spirituality and business marketing and sales, to make it easier to succeed and enjoy your business and life. https://youtu.be/r5OtOABzzFQ

"What's in Your Closet?" Fashion stylist Diane Kerr Trone joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton about her cancer journey and how she was able to maintain her business while ill, and how her positive attitude and visualization helped her through. Diane has a ‘pop up boutique’ in her home for her business Blonde Hanger, and is the Director of Business Development for W By Worth. She helps women become stylist and also mentors women so they can be successful, teaching them the tools to achieve their goals in business. She also offers some fashion tips and techniques on how to make the most of what is in your closet, in order to dress for success. https://youtu.be/wrtQEWs7sbM

“Find Your Leadership Within and Own It.” Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville, Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Author and Therapist for over 25 years, talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton about what leadership means, how to find it, and how it can change your life. She talks about her life and how she was able to follow her intentions for a better life, coming from being an orphan, then adopted and abused, and how she fought the current system to experience and grow in her life and career. https://youtu.be/mi8AErY_Owo

- What is a Maverick, and volunteering to help pre-release prisoners in CT.  L. Kay Wilson, attorney, executive coach and motivational speaker talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo about her work as an attorney, and how it blossomed into helping others through her coaching, Maverick Leadership Institute, and creating the Motivation and Mastery Program for inmates and their families.  https://youtu.be/WHDSZGqpKsU

How can company managers and employees better work together? Employee & Customer Experience Consultant Leesa Schipani shares how company cultures can be improved upon working from the top down and bottom up. She shares stories on how her personal transformations have also contributed to how she then works with her clients to successfully improve their businesses. https://youtu.be/d_7-1y1mHgs

-How do you get over the fear of speaking? One of the ways to grow a business is by becoming a speaker. But, how can we get over the "inner critic" who is self-sabotaging us and draining us of our confidence? Leslie Karen Hammond, The Confident Speaking Expert, tells us some ways to become more confident. https://youtu.be/xVUtn4wejmY

-How do We Give Back & Recognize and Support Our Future Leaders? Guests Anne Garland, Anne Garland Enterprises and eWomenNetwork CT, and Jeanne Boyer Roy of Harvest Development Group talk with host Marilyn Wright Dayton about the importance of giving back to our community through non-profit and charitable work as well as supporting our young business women leaders, focusing on eWomenNetwork's FEMTOR Foundation. http://youtu.be/_VNFrvroolk

-How can the right words express our feelings? Michele DeLima from Write Transformation joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton to share tips and techniques of how the power of the right words can make a difference in what you are trying to convey both personally and professionally.  http://youtu.be/clbUwbq4aRc

-Is that all there is to my life? Transform Your Life with Paula Jean Burns of BeSpoke: Have you ever thought "Is that all there is?" Stop living on auto-pilot and change your life, find your value and significance and step forward to live your life "all in". Transformational Coach, Trainer, Speak and Author Paula Jean Burns of BeSpoke talks about how to make 'today your someday'.  http://youtu.be/fXnSYjQeqcU

How can women become empowered in business? Guests Annie Garland of Anne Garland Enterprises & eWomen Network and Marge Piccini of YourMillionDollarSalesAdvantage.com join host Marilyn Wright Dayton to share how they became empowered over the years, and ways others can become empowered for a “New Year, New You, New Business & New Life.”  http://youtu.be/v3lgfJypKS4

What are some ways women can become independent through business? Joining Host Marilyn Wright Dayton on this segment of From This Corner TV are Lesley Ingves, the Business Systemizer from Clear Pathway, and Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery, Theologist and Psychologist from Sacred Intelligence, about Facing Your True Self and Becoming an Independent Business Woman. http://youtu.be/o8qFIQFShA4

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