Around Our Community
Around Our Community.

There are places and people in and around our community that play an important role, from writing a book, providing a way that we can learn about our beautiful natural settings that we can enjoy in CT, and more.

​We also have had segments on interesting happenings or events that are happening Around Our Community or that affect our communities.

“The Story of Hush Point, a TV Show” Dodie Milardo (2nd Assistant Director/Actress), Blake Donovan, (Co-Creator/Producer/Actor) and John J. Cacioppo (Creator/Director/Actor) join host Marilyn Wright Dayton to tell us the story of this new tv series, where the idea originated, how the stories and characters developed, and what is happening next for this new CT original series. See Episode 1 where” A body is discovered in the small town of Hush Point, casting everyone into a shadow of fear. But the body is not the only thing the citizens of the town have to worry about... the story of Hush Point begins.”
See their appearance on FTC-TV here at

- Help to Search For and Find the Right College.  College education can be the second largest investment after your home purchase, so you want to make the right choices. Making an educated decision about your education is huge. Guest Francine Schwartz, Independent Educational Consultant and Founder, President of Pathfinder Counseling LLC joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton and cohost Dodie Milardo to help demystify the choices with tips and techniques for your search for the right college fit.

What is the CT Social Studies Frameworks? Representatives of both the education system and historical communities in CT talk about collaborating to create the Social Studies Frameworks, which is becoming a national model to strengthen the academic experience of our students.

How do school children benefit from collaborative arts programs?  Representatives of the SE CT Cultural Coalition and the New London School District discuss why arts programs with community collaboration is so important to empowering our school children. Wendy Bury and Kate Fioravanti join host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo for this informative program.

-Should schools educate their students on health & wellness? Old Saybrook Middle School Principal Mandy Ryan, Event Originator Terri Savino and 2015 Organizer Maureen Coppes join host Marilyn Wright Dayton to talk about their Safety & Wellness full-day program for the Middle School students. This program, as a full-day event, is unique in the nation, where school administration and the PTO work together to educate their students, with the help of community organizations.

- What is the oldest and largest art festival in the Northeast? Host Marilyn Wright Dayton talks with Cherie'lin Toporowski, Event Director at Mystic Chamber and Chamber Intern Carly Sales about the upcoming Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, the oldest and largest of its kind in the N.E., as well as with Susan Bailey from Summer in the City (Groton, CT) about the upcoming art exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the USS Nautilus. You can see it here.

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