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The Importance of Arts and the Humanities

There are places and people in and around our community that play an important role, from writing a book, providing a way that we can learn about our beautiful natural settings that we can enjoy in CT, and more. We also have had segments on interesting happenings or events that are happening Around Our Community or that affect our communities.

“The Story of Hush Point, a TV Show” Dodie Milardo (2nd Assistant Director/Actress), Blake Donovan, (Co-Creator/Producer/Actor) and John J. Cacioppo (Creator/Director/Actor) join host Marilyn Wright Dayton to tell us the story of this new tv series, where the idea originated, how the stories and characters developed, and what is happening next for this new CT original series. See Episode 1 where” A body is discovered in the small town of Hush Point, casting everyone into a shadow of fear. But the body is not the only thing the citizens of the town have to worry about... the story of Hush Point begins.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVUt3SrGF20
See their appearance on FTC-TV here at https://youtu.be/8Osvuy0nkho

- “What is the Brain & Body Connection/Body Language and What Should I Know About It?” Internationally known Body Language Expert Carolyn Finch joined host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo to talk about what body language really is, what different MEPS gestures mean, and how you can develop greater awareness of body language inside and out for personal development and success. https://youtu.be/VITosXRI7a8

- From Life to Acting to Writing Books. Writer and Publisher Ruth W. Crocker joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo to talk about how her life has evolved from growing up in the family business, a nursing home, to performing as a singer, actor and storyteller while maintaining a career in clinical nutrition and health care administration. Today, she is a published author and talks about her book “Those Who Remain, Remembrance and Reunion After War”, how she began writing over many years and presented this book to President Obama. She loves teaching the writing process, especially with aspiring writers who have personal stories they would like to share.

High School Students Create a Movie Series. Nick Robinson and three of his friends and fellow filmmakers Elias Sandlin, Marcus Gram and Evan Jesse, spent part of their senior year at Stonington High making the satirical series about life inside their school. The series is called “Classic Stonington” and each series grew in size and storyline to their fifth episode, a 50-minute movie that had its premier at the Mystic Luxury Cinema. They share their stories with host Marilyn Wright Dayton, along with Mr. Dane Lewis, one of the teachers who not only lent their support but acted in the last few episodes. (Marcus was unable to join in the tv interview, but deserves a mention as being part of the team.) You can see more about their Classic Stonington series at http://classicstonington.weebly.com/. And their interview is at https://youtu.be/il6MceaY

Two International History Contest Winners talk about the importance of History in our School Systems Today. Guests on this show are Rebecca Taber-Conover, Head of Public Programs & History Day, CT Public Affairs Network, and two students who participated in CT History Day and the National History Day Contest in MD. NHD provides the opportunity for some 3,000 international students to submit their projects, acting as historians, researching primary sources, building historical content and forming historical interpretations. The two students who are guests on the show began with CT History Day, a program for students in grades 6-12, were selected #1 in their divisions, Mia Porcello in the Junior division, and Shay Pezzulo in the Senior division.   https://youtu.be/rMakNEDeXAY

- High School Students Make a Movie. Guilford High School Film Club, formed by a group of students who wanted to learn how to make movies. They join host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo and talk about their latest movie O.N.E., Love By Determination. ONE takes place in a society where love is determined based on an individual's qualities. The movie follows Connor, a boy who just turned 18, as he is faced with the pressure of this system; and Madison, a girl who daydreams to compensate for her lackluster love life. As these two meet, they start to discover a new passion, natural and more intimate than what society synthesizes. However, is it strong enough to break out of the chains of social conventions? Learn how these students formed a film club and learned how to make movies. https://youtu.be/Ge6nhLi2be0

How do school children benefit from collaborative arts programs?  Representatives of the SE CT Cultural Coalition and the New London School District discuss why arts programs with community collaboration is so important to empowering our school children. Wendy Bury and Kate Fioravanti join host Marilyn Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo for this informative program. https://youtu.be/KuS8dk_VP9g

What are some of the ways we can capture memories? Capturing Moments and Memories with Robin Lensi and Dom Piccini. Photographer Robin Lensi and Video Producer Dom Piccini join host Marilyn Wright Dayton to talk about capturing special moments and keeping memories alive through pictures and videos. They also share some tips and techniques.  http://youtu.be/DYVjt86dbG4

​- How does music empower children in a school setting? Host Marilyn Wright Dayton talks with Stonington School District's teachers Ellen Effman-Gilbert and James Hilbie about music's ability to empower children's lives as a tool of expression and teamwork, making a difference in children's lives.  http://youtu.be/hItzmaKMyFQ

​-How do we learn improv?  Learn about playing and laughter with the SECT community group Laughworks: School of Improv. Watch the group facilitator Kristin G. Hartnett and 3 members Anjie Leonard, Bob Harding, and Olympia Gregory, show host Marilyn Dayton how to do improv. And learn the difference between Improv and Standup Comedy, all while laughing a lot.  http://youtu.be/LhxhOEGNhJI

- How can music change the world? The Power of Music with Composer Jim Papoulis. Music changes the world. Composer/Conductor/Producer Jim Papoulis talks about his musical background, working with well-known entertainers, and his passion for working with children all over the world. Music can heal, educate, celebrate and empower the lives of children, and he shares stories of how he has seen that. He works through his Foundation for Small Voices. http://youtu.be/YVoCadFdC4E

-How is music magical? Live music is the more powerful form of communication and expression. Founders Chris and Amy Leigh join Host Marilyn Wright Dayton to talk about the upcoming Annual Mystic Blues Festival as well as the history behind it, past performers and plans for this year. They also talk about their String Theory School of Music.

- What is the oldest and largest art festival in the Northeast? Host Marilyn Wright Dayton talks with Cherie'lin Toporowski, Event Director at Mystic Chamber and Chamber Intern Carly Sales about the upcoming Mystic Outdoor Art Festival, the oldest and largest of its kind in the N.E., as well as with Susan Bailey from Summer in the City (Groton, CT) about the upcoming art exhibition to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the USS Nautilus. You can see it here. http://youtu.be/FeMajbIJaRc

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