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About Us

When From This Corner TV (FTC-TV) first began in February, 2014, it was to an unsure future. There were several people involved who wanted to be a part of it, who slowly stepped away, due to the time involvement required. Marilyn Wright Dayton was the producer, host and teacher (as she started in radio at the age of 12, followed by television experience in the 1980s. She designed the logo, color palette, show format and built the website and Facebook page. Being a promoter by trade, she offers an expanded marketing plan for all of her guests.

By March, after only two months, Marilyn was doing the show alone, with occasional co-hosts. Not until March of 2016 was there another co-host, Dodie Milardo, who would add her fun personality to any show she was able to be a part of. 

When the show reached its two year point (March, 2016), Marilyn had a college student do a market research analysis of the viewership, and was amazed that over 210,000 people had viewed the show. Since that time, the audience has expanded, both in size and in location. There are viewers as far away as California, Florida and Canada, watching the local CT television show.

The purpose of FTC-TV has been to provide a showcase for interesting and educational guests, who range in specialties from health and wellness to teachers, talking about the unique programs in their schools. 

What Marilyn has tried to do with this television show is to bring together those in our community that make a difference...whether it be in alternative health practices (that many times compliment Western style medicine), unique sports that help both youth and adults to learn focus, build inner strength and more, and find those interesting and educational activities that we normally don’t read about in the local papers. The show steadily increased in popularity, and the programs are still listed here although we have retired.

FTC-TV was filmed at the SEC-TV Studios in Groton, CT. On occasion, the show films at a remote location in order to do justice to the subject matter.

Meet Marilyn Wright Dayton, Host and Producer

As one of the originators of some of the more unique marketing vehicles in the nation, Marilyn Wright Dayton has watched her creative marketing techniques help many small businesses and large corporations grow to multi-billion dollar businesses. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of many of these marketing techniques over several decades, 

Marilyn began her career at the age of 12 when she was a radio quiz kid and was picked to host a radio talk show for teens, a unique precursor of talented child recognition vehicles from the Mickey Mouse Club to today’s Disney Show hosts. She has been both in front of the camera and behind the camera as a fashion model, radio and TV show hostess and program producer. Marilyn is a Syracuse University graduate with business and marketing degrees as well as a journalism degree. Over the past 30 years, she has been a newspaper reporter, creative writer, ad director, entrepreneur, a consultant, trainer and an authority in the areas of creative marketing and its role in achieving top-notch business performance.

She built an advertising agency in Upstate New York, has managed other agencies, and was one of the driving forces behind the positive turnaround in the publishing arm of the conglomerate MultiMedia Corporation during the 1980s. Her reputation (as Marilyn Wright-Schulz) was built in the ad agency business as a strategic thinker, idea builder and creative problem solver. Marilyn has worked with many industries, from several individuals in the entertainment world (such as Chuck Mangione), to Fortune 500 companies such as Eastman Kodak Co. and Corning Serengeti Eyewear.  In her advertising career, she was the recipient of several Cleo awards and Silver and Golden Microphone Awards. She has been recognized by The World’s Who’s Who of Women, Who’s Who of American Women and as a Distinguished American for her giving back community work.

Much of Marilyn’s work over these decades has been to empower, train and coach business clients in their marketing.  In Marilyn’s long career, she has proven to be an expert in creating peak performances for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees and educators. She is compelling, empowering and compassionate in her training and strategies, and for the past 30 years has helped hundreds of business clients reach their goals. Marilyn retired in late 2017.

“I have spent decades helping to coach and empower others in their businesses and careers. Now it is my turn, to achieve my dream of helping others through exposure to information that can change their lives. That’s why I am back in television production. I had several radio and television shows back in the 80s, and loved it. And it’s great to be back at something I love, introducing people in our community that have something important to say to our audience. What could be better than that?”

Marilyn’s Consulting Company was Marketing Biz Professionals, www.marketingandbizpro.com. She has retired from the business world, but continues enjoying life through painting and writing. Marilyn's books are listed on her Marilyn Wright Dayton Author website, www.marilyndayton.com. She has several short story books, fictional novels and murder mysteries. 

Her author page on Amazon is: https://www.amazon.com/Marilyn-Wright-Dayton/e/B086Z24D5C

Meet Dodie Milardo, Co-Host

Dodie Milardo is an author, speaker, philanthropist, tv personality and associate producer of several tv and play productions.

Dodie is a romance novelist (her book is Penelope’s Cruise), a relationship advisor who was a guest speaker last year on the Oasis of the Seas, has been a math teacher & tutor, is a dancing diva and tireless fundraiser (who has enabled more than $150,000 from her networking to go to charities). And she was a co-host of the TV show “Just Sayin’” out of Branford, CT.

Learn more about Dodie on her website, www.DodieTalk.com.

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