Break Through

Join us while we talk about breaking through those our bodies, our innermost fears, our need for discipline, for focus...and so much more. Unique Sports...Yeah!!
Unique Sports Shows

​​Every once in awhile, we brought to you examples of those other 'unique' sports, that are important in that they help both youth and adults learn focus, build inner strength, etc.

-Studying Martial Arts at Ichiban Studio and Why? Ichiban Karate & Fitness Studio has been a community leader in martial arts and fitness for 26 years. Founded by Kyoshi Chick Gavitt, the instructors and owners have carried through his message of family and friendly environment through all of its program offerings to help students fit their fitness goals. Host and Producer Marilyn Dayton talks with the instructors, owners, parents and students about why they feel so strongly about martial arts, and how this has changed their lives.

-How can wrestling help youngsters? Host Chris Annino is joined by CoHosts Susan Hall Lessard, Kimberly and Derick Brito. Guests are Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent, ranked #2 in the US and #10 in the World SuperBantam Weight and holds the WIBA International Belt, and Kali “KO” Reis, one of the first Native American Female pro-boxers to come out of New England, ranked #7 in the US for Welterweight. Topics to be a “conversation with the Pro-Boxers about their experiences, backgrounds, future plans, and how they give back.” :

-How can you persevere over physical obstacles? Interview with  Chris Annino, on setting his World Record Vehicle Pull. We talk with Chris about overcoming obstacles, why he decided to do this amazing feat, and what advice he gives to others that he learned during this process. Watch it on YouTube at:
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