Talking with Local Service Organizations & Charities

Since our show began, we have had many guests who shared their knowledge and information on non-profit service organizations and charities. 

“How Can You Help An Abuse Victim?” Emma Palzere-Rae, Director of Development & Communications for Safe Futures CT, talks with host Marilyn Wright Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo about how Safe Futures has been saving lives, restoring hope and changing the future for those impacted by domestic violence and sexual assault in Southeastern CT for 40 years.

-“Did you know that there is a women’s organization that provides well drilling in Africa so girls can go to school, that helps awareness for human trafficking, that raises awareness to help stop cultural rituals that degrade and abuse young girls, and so much more?” Dr. Bernice Szafarek, Governor of SIANER and Joan Merritt, Membership Chair of SIANER talked with host Marilyn Wright Dayton about that international organization, SOROPTIMIST. Towards the end of the show, you will find yourself wondering “what can I do?” This organization provides ways to help improve the lives of women and girls all over the world through programs leading to social and economic empowerment.

-“Do you know how much the unconditional acceptance of an animal can help someone with cognitive, physical and emotional disabilities?” Executive Director Kitty Stalsburg from High Hopes Therapeutic Riding and volunteer Donna Spicer join Marilyn and co-host Dodie Milardo to talk about this 42 year old organization, where horses and people develop bonds that help them either deal with or overcome their challenges.

-How Do We Help Someone With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities? The ARC New London County CEO Kathleen Stauffer talks about the organization and how they provide guidance and advocacy for those who are intellectually and developmentally disabled by partnering and advocating for equality of opportunity and equality of choice.

-How does an event help cancer? Sails Up 4 Cancer ( is holding their 5th Annual Regatta on June 20th, 2015, with a Wellness Expo and sailing & picnic event for the Sunshine Kids. Their 1st Spinnaker Fund Soiree the night before will begin the celebration. They are raising money to help those fighting cancer. CEO/Founder Bob Davis and Wellness Expo coordinator Jamie Lee are guests.

- What are some of the ways we can recognize our veterans? In celebration of Thanksgiving, host Marilyn Wright Dayton salutes our military and veterans in thanks for our freedom. The show focuses on Fortitude, Sacrifice and Heart, with guests Micah Welintukonis, Purple Heart recipient and founder of InTheLineofDuty, and Navy veteran Rob Hecker from Honor and Remember. The discussion includes physical and emotional needs of our veterans, the 100th anniversary of the VFW and how the organization needs to make changes in order to help today’s veterans, and non-profits that help both first responder such as InTheLineofDuty, and families of veterans we have lost, Honor and Remember, a new national symbol of gratitude and respect.

-What is a way we can help children thrive?  The Community Coalition for Children's mission is "Helping Children Thrive". Guests Kathleen O'Beirne and Cara Westcott talk about the history and model for the organization, as well as this year's topic for their October event with Darell Hammond of KaBOOM on "Play Matters".

​- What are some ways we can deal with Alzheimers & Dementia? There is help and hope from the Alzheimers Association. Guests John & Donna Clark talk about fundraising, Kristine Johnson talks about resources & information via, Teresa Norris talks about her book and surviving the pain of her mother's dementia, and Cecelia Sullivan shares info for caregivers.

- How can an organization contribute 100% of what they raise to research? The Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation was our guest, with new Walk Chair Mary DePasquale and volunteer, walker and past Executive Director Marianne Exposito. Talked about the Foundation that grants 100% of all funds raised to cancer research, over $2.7 million since 2006 and the upcoming Walk on Oct. 4th.

-How can we support abuse victims?  Pathway to a Safe Future with Mildred Divine, Founder of SECTWN, Kathleen O'Beirne, Past President of SECTWN, and Emma Palzere-Rae from Safe Futures. Talk about the partnership of the 2 organizations to help raise funds to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

-What is some of the latest news on Autism? Autism Information & Autism Speaks. Meghan Brahm, M.A., Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist and Ph.D. Candidate, National University of Ireland, Galway joins us with latest descriptions of Autism and legislative updates; and Kristen Anbari, SE CT Community Outreach Chair and a parent of an autistic child, talks about her experience as both a volunteer and parent of an autistic child. Watch it on YouTube at:

-How important are educational programs for those with disabilities? Lighthouse Campus with Executive Director Kathy Greene, Special Ed Teacher Chris Champlin and Laura Reed, Coordinator of Livecta Transition Academy. This non-profit community-based organization provides educational programs for those with disabilities from age 7, and prepares students of all differences to learn real life opportunities and make choices. Watch it at:   

-How does an organization help victims of domestic violence and abuse? “Who is Safe Futures and How Does This Organization Help Victims of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence?”:   

​-How can we help men and children who are victims of abuse? “How Safe Futures Helps Men as well as Women and Children” and “Men Against Domestic Violence, What Men Can Do About Violence, Twilight Trail Run, 10 x 10 Events, as well as sharing their experiences with the organization and how they volunteer.”  

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