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From This Corner TV (FTC-TV) is a locally produced program filmed at the SEC-TV Studios in Groton, CT. The program occasionally films remote locations when needed.

There is NO other television program in the area that offers a full one-hour show for our guests to share their unique information that can help change people's lives. Our programming is also unique, focusing on several topics from Better Business to Living Healthier Lives.

In a market research project, our viewing audience proved to be more than 210,000 people in Eastern CT who watched a show for more than 15 minutes. This was done after we had celebrated two years.

Now that we have completed our third year, our audience has expanded regionally, as well as Internationally through our YouTube channel. We have viewers from all over the U.S., Canada and foreign countries such as Japan.

Whether regionally or Internationally, we can offer our guests the reach that they are looking for. We offer a high level of promotion for each show to our guests and also our loyal sponsors. 

If you have an interest in appearing on our program, or you would like to consider a sponsorship, please contact us, either using the button in the footer, or directly contact Marilyn Dayton, host and producer at 860-389-2521.

About Us
Our program began production in February, 2014, and we provide two shows a month. Our host and producer is Marilyn Dayton who...Read More

Our Most Recent Programs
“Discover your Soul's desired destiny with Robin Clare.” Where do you start to heal old wounds? How can we find the light from the shadows? Robin Clare is our guest, talking about the infinite wisdom of your Soul, and how it can change your life. Robin is a Spiritual Messenger, an Author and Teacher. She talks about how you define your past, present and future. https://youtu.be/vcMIqgy_okc

Please visit our sponsors who support us, enabling us to provide our television program to you!

Meet Our Sponsors
Diane Trone, Blonde Hanger & W By Worth Fashions
Diane outfits her clients at her in-home boutique that truly work for their lifestyle and body type, helping them to build a wardrobe season by season. The trunk shows in her home offers a more fun atmosphere, where women can be relaxed to shop, and enjoy a glass of wine. She also recruits other women who are looking for a career in the fashion industry. To learn more, click on the logo on the left.

eWomenNetwork, Greater Hartford and Shoreline CT
eWomenNetwork has a dynamic and diversified culture that celebrates the brilliance of women entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals. eWN exists to HELP WOMEN and their businesses achieve, succeed and prosper. For more information, click on the logo on the right.

Greg Gilmartin, MYS-TV Studios
Greg is our remote videographer and editor. With his decades of experience in radio and TV, he is known for his video work and advertising commercials. His company produces the closed-circuit tv programs "Mystic View" and "Newport View". To learn more, click on the logo on the left.
860-389-2521                    www.marketingandbizpro.com
Email to: FromThisCornerTV@gmail.com
P. O. Box 371, Mystic, CT 06355
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“What is the Brain & Body Connection/Body Language and What Should I Know About It?” Internationally known Body Language Expert Carolyn Finch joined host Marilyn Dayton and co-host Dodie Milardo to talk about what body language really is, what different MEPS gestures mean, and how you can develop greater awareness of body language inside and out for personal development and success. https://youtu.be/VITosXRI7a8
“Did you know that you could make simple changes that would make a huge impact on your health?” Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Dawn Swope joins host Marilyn Dayton to share her story of how discovering the importance of “food as medicine” helped her during chemo treatments for breast cancer and led her to become a Health Coach to help others become healthier. https://youtu.be/dfyCeNhoAFA