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From This Corner TV (FTC-TV) is a locally produced program filmed at the SEC-TV Studios in Groton, CT. The program occasionally filmed remote locations when needed. We officially retired the show in late 2017.

There is NO other television program in the area that has offered a full one-hour show for our guests to share their unique information that can help change people's lives. Our programming is also unique, focusing on several topics from Better Business to Living Healthier Lives.

In a market research project, our viewing audience proved to be more than 210,000 people in Eastern CT who watched a show for more than 15 minutes. This was done after we had celebrated two years.

After we completed our third year, our audience expanded regionally, as well as Internationally through our YouTube channel. We have viewers from all over the U.S., Canada and foreign countries such as Japan.

Whether regionally or Internationally, we have offered our guests the reach that they are looking for. We offer a high level of promotion for each show to our guests and also our loyal sponsors. 

For health reasons, Marilyn, as the producer and host, has made the difficult decision to retire from the business world, as well as retire the TV show. However, this website will stay live, all of the programs over the past few years will still be available and live on UTube. The messages that each program presented are still applicable today to your education and enjoyment.

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How can you learn to handle stress and pain, changing your relationship with yourself? Dr. Bridget Cooper joins host Marilyn Wright Dayton to share how she helps individuals, teams and organizations become better people in order to work together, improve their lives and become empowered in relationships. She also shares her own story of pain and survival, going from being abused as a child to thriving as an author, consultant and coach.  https://youtu.be/uBFYatMRYf4

“The Story of Natural Nutmeg Magazine – Celebrating 10 Years” Dr. Diane Hayden, owner and publisher of Natural Nutmeg Magazine shares the story of how this health/wellness focused publication started in 2007, and how it grew to where it is now being offered as a licensed publication throughout the country. She also talks about her background in physiology and nutrition, her many writing creations including several books.  https://youtu.be/f-o0-Uix6yA

“The Story of Hush Point, a TV Show” Dodie Milardo (2nd Assistant Director/Actress), Blake Donovan, (Co-Creator/Producer/Actor) and John J. Cacioppo (Creator/Director/Actor) join host MarilynWright Dayton to tell us the story of this new tv series, where the idea originated, how the stories and characters developed, and what is happening next for this new CT original series. See Episode 1 where” A body is discovered in the small town of Hush Point, casting everyone into a shadow of fear. But the body is not the only thing the citizens of the town have to worry about... the story of Hush Point begins.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVUt3SrGF20
See their appearance on FTC-TV here at https://youtu.be/8Osvuy0nkho

Your host/producer has been Marilyn Wright Dayton, whose focus was to spotlight programs that would education, interest and entertain you. Although retired now, she continues to enjoy life, through her painting and writing. You can learn more about her on the About Us page.